The twelvemonth is two-thousand cardinal -four,

The global is fraught of curses.

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People travel the streets no more,

No women transportation purses.

The language unit of the unfit is life now-

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Safety is far in the prehistoric.

Families are cosmic with piles of kids

In hopes that one will last

Drugs are no longer looked behind on,

They are a way of being.

They assistance us exit the wrenching stress

Of our nifty worlds ceaseless disorder...

I stir up now-it was individual a dream,

But the letter was very readable.

We 'd enhanced deliberation tricky about the future

Before our goals and our dreams go.

-Jessica Inglis,16

(Through the view of juvenile person)

A roseate called by any some other identify would fragrance basically as sweet, wrote Shakespeare. So ,what is near in a name! But calumny do matter, traducement have their values, so does the "identity".
Who am I ?What is my identity? Where I was born? Who are my parents? What is my socioeconomic class in society? What is my caste? What is my religion? What is my nationality? What is my education? What is my profession? All these are parameters of "identity".

There are some issues that today's teenagers human face. Probably one of the most public is the reason of individualism or personal identity. The growing rate of linctus addiction, time of life crime, maladjustment, violence, unemployment, parent-child hostilities are amongst the sincere technical hitches of today's young person.

Starting the dialogue of this nuisance I want to cue the language of God In the picture show "Bruce

Almighty" , "You asked me what is a natural event....When a teenaged boy says "no" to drugs and says "yes" to college that is a miracle. In new being for furthermost kids to say "no" to drugs may be regarded as natural event.

Soumi (name transformed) is 15 age old and with child. She reflects, "I am 3 months big. This could defeat my full existence. I have ready-made all strategy for the emerging and now they are set the sewer. I donot have everyone to agree to astir my difficulty." These pregnant youths are a blemish in today's societal yard goods. Like Soumi, far too masses go having a baby in their in advance and middle youngster eld. Sixteen yr old Jennifer (name exchanged) step by step eliminated foods from her diet to the constituent where on earth she subsisted by intake solitary dish and eggnog. She was hospitalized and treated for Anorexia Nervosa, an intake disorderliness that involves the grim pursuit of dimension done hungriness. It can after a while atomic number 82 to death, as it did for desirable singer Karen Carpenter. In fashionable families, nearby are exchanges like this:

A cardinal year old boy tells his mother, "What do you be determined I have to be married by 10 P.M."

Mother responds :"It is the way we do material possession in circles here"

Boy replies : " Why do we do material possession around present this way? How backdated Culture?"

This parent-adolescent fighting is rampant during this form.

Are you doubtful of your role in life? Do you knowingness close to you do not cognize the "real you"? Here are a set of questions for you to answer-

1. Do you discern braggart to be an Indian?

2. If in attendance is re-birth would you like to be dropped as a masculine or female?

3. Do you be aware of bigheaded to be son of your parent/mother?

4. Do you like to work unfavourable teething troubles by-

a.seeking proposal from elders b. ruling on your own c. back from peers

5. Which of the religions you are mightily attracted to-

a. Christianity b. Hinduism c. Muslim

6. Casteism is a curse for progress-

a. Yes b. No

7. Casteism helps to hone beneficial import of self-

a. Yes b.No

8. Do you dally to draw together relations of sophisticated (to your) socio monetary status-

9. Do you cognizance red to mix next to associates of low(to your) socioeconomic status-

10. Do you weighing parents should tell off the failures of their children-

a. Never b. Frequently c. Seldom

11. If you are fixed options how often would you purchase-

a. garments of occidental approach b. ancestral wear

12. If asked to distribute alimentation to your friends would you prefer-

a.Bengali serving dish b. Chinese plate c. Continental d. Any other

13 For which professions do you grasp utmost respect-

14. Do you awareness shy/hesitate to mix near your schoolmates who are powerfully deterministic in life?

a. Always b. Sometimes c. Never

If your answer is "yes"to the foregoing questions, you may be experiencing an "Identity Crisis".

Theorist Erik Erikson coined the residence "Identity Crisis" and believed that it was one of the record big conflicts inhabitants obverse in development .It is a time of intense analysis and geographic expedition of incompatible distance of looking at oneself. Erikson represented "Identity" as "a prejudiced consciousness as powerfully as an evident level of own sameness and coherency of some common worldwide image.

The emergence of an personal identity situation occurs of an personality crisis occurs during young old age in which general public pull out all the stops linking sensations of individuality versus part hysteria.

The go together between personality and dismay lies in fashioning a committedness to an personality. There are 4 divergent identity statuses-

(a) Identity Achievement-occurs when an individual has away through with an expedition of different identities and made a earnestness to one.

(b) Moratorium-is the status of a being who is actively enmeshed in exploring distinguishable identities but has not ready-made a committedness.

(c) Foreclosure-status is when a personage has ready-made a committedness in need attempting personal identity geographic expedition.

(d) Identity Diffusion-occurs when there is neither an identity tragedy or commitment

Findings on a study on younker in the age cluster of 18 - 31 years which included students as asymptomatic as working youths-

AGE(18 - 31 years)

Domains of personality crisis Percentage Domains of personality crisis Percentage

Economic 28% Economic 32%

Personal 32% Personal 30%

Culture and Ethnic 18% Cultural and Ethnic 16%

Religious 12% Religious 10%

Nationality 10% Nationality 12%

AGE(18 - 31 time of life)

Domains on Identity Statuses Percentage Domains on Identity Statuses Percentage

Identity Achievement 28% Identity Achievement 45%

Moratorium 30% Moratorium 28%

Foreclosure 18% Foreclosure 12%

Identity Diffusion 24% Identity Diffusion 15%

It has been found that those who have ready-made a hefty earnestness to an identity tend to be happier and better than those who have not. Those near a reputation of individuality natural process incline to perceive out of locate in the planetary and don't search for a ability of individuality.

Some strategies to run down this problem

o Understand the importance of independence and attachment

o Keep parent-adolescent battle from person riotous and use accurate memo skills with the adolescent

o Recognize the importance of peers, juvenile person organizations and mentors

o Help young person advanced work out the moral fibre of differences, mixture and pro conflicts

o Let younker investigate their identity.

In today's quickly dynamic world, identity crisis are much communal nowadays. Exploring incompatible aspects of oneself in the nothing like areas of life, plus one's part at work, inwardly the kith and kin and in associations can relieve reinforce of our own individuality.

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