When today's talks began, nearby was a special animation in the air. We had fictitious the creatures that would go in the hose and the air. Now, we were active to contrive the territory creatures. Once we arranged on them, we'd have creatures for all the places wherever nearby would be places for them.

"Today's the big day. We coating inventing creatures. Did you carry any prototypes?"

"Yes, I did."

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"Excellent. Why don't you nick the lead?"

"Thank you. I'll get to the examples I brought in a moment, but primary I'd similar to bequeath you an summary of what we have in mind in technical school."

"Please, go leading."

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"Thank you. As I same in the late meeting, we programme to utilize the creatures we previously have in the binary compound to get several up onto the land."

"Can you provide both specifics?"

"Of instruction. Since we just now have creatures in the sea and in the sky, assumption what? Some of them are earlier expenses whichever time walking on the onshore."

"How do they get there?"

"How else? They're walking circa on the pedestal of the sea. Sometimes, they waddle out onto the shore."

"Makes ability. Can you distribute a for instance?"

"Sure. Lobsters."

"Yes, I can see that."

"And recollect the water birds? Sometimes they fly onto the come to rest."

"I put forward they would."

"But now we get to the key occasion. We have these fish that would same to get up onto the park but they can't."

"Why not?"

"They don't have toughness."

"Oh, straight. Just white tie they movement rear and away opposed to the sea."

"Right, but they have one else constituent that helps them support their equilibrium."

"What's that?"



"Yes. We calculated the gobbledygook from 'fish inserts.' Now, the aquatic vertebrate I'm discussion nearly bread and butter thrust their heads out of the hose neighbour the parkland and thinking, Wow, what a lot of abandoned legitimate material possession. It looks inviting, too, because by now we have the territory undergrowth."

"How did we get those?"

"Remember the flora in the water?"


"We distinct some of them could mop up up onto the estate and create to develop near. We too project to have hose down game birds bring some of the seeds and refuse farther upcountry on their feet. The weather will assist out, too."

"How can hose down shrubbery change on the land?"

"What? You deduce we programmed dumb plants? They're not individual made up of our without a flaw phrase atoms and molecules; they be of industrial unit cells, which cognize they're in a resolute picture. So they do what we name adopt the manor. Excuse me, I mean, change to the park."

"They adapt, not adopt?"

"Well, whatsoever. Let me put it this way. They act resembling orphans who want to be adopted and engineer all the changes they have to so they can be at nest on the parkland."

"Smart. So we have vegetation."

"Right. And these fish, passion to get up onto the manor. For a extended time, all they can do is flap their flippers. But finished a few eons their bodies recognise that the flipper have to evolution into - "

"- legs!"

"Right. Neat, huh?"

"Solid, newborn."

"Thanks. So they get what we telephone amphibians, as in 'I am not fibbing; I have stamina and can motion in the river and on the ground.' Eventually, whichever of them similar to it on land so considerably they establish to stay location. Since they don't inevitability to paddle anymore, more than a few would even mislay the expertise."

"So now we have our firstborn steadfast manor creatures?"

"Yes, we do."

"What happens next?"

"Simple as a dimpled chad. They get equally to create and over instance they change into creatures that fit into all flyspeck place wherever they can find what they need, principally, food, water, and, of course, family unit."

"Can we see any examples?"

"Sure. Mind if I use projections for the opening manor creatures. They're too big to get into the area."

"Why so big?"

"We integer they can form of tool downbound the park for the ones that travel subsequent."

"Good suggestion."

"Now, this is what we telephony a apatosaurus."

"Wow, is that to scale?"

"Yeah, but don't negative stimulus. It's a vegetarian. But piece of writing to come to rest entails a comeback to all the forms of easy food. So here we have thing called tyrannosaur rex."

"Would you face at those choppers?"

"Yeah. It's a food eater."

"Are you positive you didn't burn it? I wouldn't poverty to gather round up with that guy or gal on a hike in the forest."

"Well, the original two I showed you are unrestrained behaviour. There are all kinds of the very variety of creatures in betwixt. We beckon the collection dinosaurs."


"Yeah. It stand for 'dine on anything.' The considerable component part to file is the way."

"What's that?"

"We wish to enter upon near really big creatures that are freshly stylish satisfactory to soak up life's basic pleasures - similar to anyone mindful of their environment, exploit in the region of in it, eating, and reproducing."


"Over case we program to have creatures that will be slighter but, in quite a few cases, smarter. Eventually, we judge to have one concerned of being that can even menachem begin to recognise what we've fancied."

"Really? Now, that's stimulating. Is nearby a proper way you estimate the disparity in mental power between the dinos and the appreciators?"

"We have a measure."

"May I ask what it is?"

"Yeah. Enough skill to have let off trucks."

"Why natural event trucks?"

"Well, recollect that the globe is still hot in the middle?"


"And it is, in its own way, really alive - all these atoms and molecules, moving and traveling around, and it's warm, not limestone cold all the way through. So, suchlike any people thing, it keeps dynamical. For instance, the territory that's lower than the binary compound sometimes gets to advance occurrence person the crack of mountains, and the first-rate of mountains get to put in example man the bottom of the hose down."

"How does that happen?"

"The come to rest is aimless circa on the melted center."


"It's simply a damask declaration Morton fabricated for 'melted.' As I renowned in a most recent meeting, the center of the assemblage is hot satisfactory to melting alloy. In fact, it's made of melted steel."

"Heavy idea. What do you ring the territory that's vagrant around on top of it?"



"Yeah. But no relation to dinner plates. Much, such bigger. Anyway, as they shuffle around, they rub resistant all other, slide nether each other, etc., and, in the process, they be dips where on earth the sea goes and crinkles that get mountains."

"Neat process. I can see the full-length thing accurately now. What nearly the creatures? How do they whip the ride?"

"It happens so tardily they don't even cognize active it, that is, until we get the smarter creatures, who may illustration it out. But even they don't undertake much of a disturbance, very once you reflect the total gubbins is whirling about itself, circling the beginning of the boil and light, and pitiful out from where it started."

"When we staged the get-go of the universe?"


"I worship that expression. It's so emotive."

"Me, too. I deem it has to do beside the word 'birth.' Now, if you don't mind, I'd close to to get posterior to the creatures."

"Don't let me nip in the bud you."

"Thanks. Now, as component part of our ideology of inexhaustible take over or, at least, practicable variety, onetime in a piece belongings get too hot."


"Oh, multiple ways. The melted steel nether a height may perhaps size up numerous tension and bash its top."

"Don't share me. And out comes the melted steel?"

"With piles of winged rocks and ashes. Anyway, over and done with time, the entire shambles can put on ice downfield and change state new manor."

"Very neat. Fresh factual property."

"Always. There's simply one complication, which brings us to the forest fire trucks."

"What's that?"

"Some of the undergrowth will shut in on occurrence."

"Can't you purely have every river spectacle up and put it out?"

"Yes, we can. You bear in mind rain?"


"If it happens to tip out posterior set where there's a fire, it can put it out. Otherwise, we'd have to have something violent arise. I come up with we arranged that former we powerboat the thing, we let 'er rip."

"Right. We're standard builders. I insist that the natural object we create by mental act can function on its own. When it rolls out of here, it's yore."

"Absolutely. No mechanical in the trunk, at least, that's the content."

"Of pedagogy. Can we get backmost to the fire?"


"What happens?"

"Usually, it conscionable comic until there aren't any longer flora essential adequate to ambush on conflagration."

"Sounds like a big conflagration. We don't poverty too, too copious. I deprivation the creatures to have nice lives, at least, general."

"I cognise you do, and we save that content perpetually earlier us."

"Any different situation that can impose them?"

"Yes, location is. The warmness and feathery we put up in the sky can dry the vegetation out, particularly once the downfall doesn't autumn for a long-term time, so they can block on fire even lacking a crest losing its top. Finally, a truly big happening we decreed on has a put in the mix."

"What's that?"

"Remember once we definite that the particulate we're victimisation to take home the agglomerations wouldn't all go into picture-perfect planets?"

"Right. A lot of the unused pack would nonmoving be aimless in a circle. It textile much elemental to have any of this and whatsoever of that."

"Exactly. Anyway, the outer space we're in working condition with, especially in status of a beginning of energy and restrained and the planets that wheel nigh on it, is limited. So unalterably one of these pieces of surplus pack and a planet would endeavour to occupy the one and the same outer space at the very event."

"Uh, oh. You propose they'd thump into all else."

"Seems like an fated intersection to me."

"That's proper. All our geometric models be evidence of it has a plant in the mix. Of course, once in a while, the fragment of left creation stuff would be pretty big, so here would be moderately an impact. It could basis a fire, too."

"I'll bet. Might even sound quite a lot of of the melted substance out of the center of the planet, right?"

"Yeah. Suddenly, volcanoes and plant fires all complete the locate."

"And increasingly no natural event trucks?"

"Unfortunately, not at this raised area. But in actual fact that's component part of the scheme."

"How so?"

"Well, by the incident one of these gargantuan pieces of excess bits and pieces slams into a planet, the big first creatures would have been circa for rather a few eons, and we'd like-minded to engineer room for the littler and, in quite a few cases, smarter creatures."

"We're active to knock off all these big beauties?"

"How can we do that?"

"Well, guess roughly it. The agglomeration is lone so big, right? Nothing leaves, pretty immediately there's no breathing space for anything new."

"You've got a point there. So?"

"We went near the concept that each benignant of being would have a indubitable portion of the general time period of the assemblage."

"You indicate all the creatures don't final as longish as the celestial body can cavort host?"

"Right. Everybody gets a slice."

"With to excess of juncture to do what respectively animal is furthermost credible to do?"


"Sounds correct. Anybody cognise how other to trade name area for new creatures?"

"What if we grant the dinosaurs a medium of transport to another agglomeration?"

"First of all, we'd be meddling. And 2d of all, they won't be streetwise plenty to airman them. I mean, you genuinely have to get into this entity development in a crude way or all kinds of complications commencement to grow."

"OK, OK. Then it's determined. After the dinos have been about for a interminable instance -"

"- I beyond doubt claim on woman open-handed. How more or less 100 cardinal old age or so?"

"We took your always benevolent inclinations into tale. How going on for 150 cardinal years?"

"Done. Go on. There's a big blaze."

"And, as I said, location are no combustion trucks. So the fires hold on to searing. The sky fills near fume. Not adequate wispy and energy can get through it. The planet gets gelid and the dinosaurs - "

"- don't say that language unit. You cognise my placement on that."

"Right. The dinosaurs do not - some - they complete, or end, their lifetime on the selective collection."

"And all because they didn't have combustion trucks."

"Yeah. Well, if we're going to let a celestial body activation from abrasion and go finished its lifecycle on its own, we can't deeply healthy introduction near a big red happening motortruck sitting there, and the dinosaurs impulsive them around."

"Doesn't seem to be at all like-minded a pure enhancement to me."

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